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to the web site which specialises in placing your memories on a clock. A CD Clock.

Imagine the look on your loved ones faces when you surprise them with a CD Clock with their favourite photo. Preserve those moments in time!

Simply email/post the photo or image to Rodda Art and we do the rest.

Other applications are:-

  • Corporate logo/image
    Give the CD Clocks to your important customers or use them as promotional items at trade shows.
  • Club events
    Use the CD Clock as a trophy or as a fund raiser.
  • Favourite verse/saying
    Your favourite bible verse, lyrics or sayings can be put on a CD Clock with your favourite photo.
  • Birthdays, Weddings or other special events
    Mark the occasion with a CD Clock - choose your best photo of the event.
  • Novelty Clock
    Describe what you would like and Rodda Art will design a novelty clock to suit.

Rodda Art has Standard Clocks as well- ready for sale.

Here are a few examples of the variation of CD Clocks available:-

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