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Q. How do I get my photo to you for you to place it on the clock?

A. You can email the image (email through the 'Contact' page)
     or send it via post, if it is a physical photo. Just notify Rodda Art
     with your intentions. Customers must ensure that the images
     they supply are their own originals or have permission from the
     owner of the image to use it.

Q. How should I look after my CD Clock?

A. Keep the CD Clock in a cool and dry environment and avoid high
     intensity lighting and direct sunlight. Try not to touch the surface
     of the clock.  Dust the CD Clock very carefully to avoid bending
     hands.  Do not use  any liquid cleaner. Never adjust the time by
     moving the hands - use the adjustment knob on the back.
     The clock printed surface is coated with a protective acrylic finish,
     but please be gentle with it.

What sort of battery should I use and how often should I
     change it?

A. The battery supplied with the CD Clock is an alkaline type and this
     is the type which should be used. As soon as the CD Clock starts
     faltering and loosing time you should replace the battery with a
     good quality alkaline type - size AA. A lot of people change the
     clock battery at the end of daylight saving.

Q. What images do you use for your Standard CD Clocks?

A. All of the images which I use are either from my own 'royalty free'
     library or from photos which I have taken myself.

Q. What warranty is offered on the clock movement?

A. Four year warranty - return to base. This warranty does not cover
     the hands or the battery, or damage caused by battery being
     inserted wrongly, or damage caused by a leaking battery. If the
     clock has been dropped or physically damaged, then the warranty
     does not apply

Q. Can I buy replacement parts?

A. Yes - all of the components used to make the CD Clocks are
     available separately. You can in fact buy what ever parts you need
     and build your own CD Clock. The 'Parts/Special' page should have
     all the detail, if not email Rodda Art with your requirements.

Q. Is the clock face just a label stuck on?

A. No - the processed image is printed directly onto the surface of the
     CD using high quality ink.

Q. How else can I pay other than PayPal?

A. Please see the details on the Contact page.










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